It finally happened

A months or so ago when I went to get Paige from her nap, she was sitting in the corner of her crib.  I nearly fell over I was so excited that she finally got it.  She finally got up on her own.  She did not do it again.  Nothing.  I thought, oh well maybe it was a one time thing and that she will do it when she is ready.

Last week my mom came into town and when I got home she told me that Paige did not nap right away since she kept up sitting up from laying down in her crib.  I was shocked.  It took my mom to come down for a visit for her to become a full getting up to sit pro.  She does not do it the way that I showed her, but she does it.  She gets up with ease like she has been doing it for months.  I am so damn proud of her.  I am hoping for some video so that i can post it soon.

Since Grandma was here she of course had a present.  I have been thinking about getting a wagon for some time and when I saw them on sale at wal mart and told my mom, she went and got it.  It does not help that my sister works at wal mart and got a discount on it as well.

She loves this wagon.  She hangs out of it trying to find her shadow when you take her for a walk. The funniest thing ever.  I just hope she does not fall out of it one day.

We of course brought out the sandbox that grandma got for her for her birthday.  The sun finally stayed around for a few days and let us set it up.  What toddler does not love a sandbox?

We are hoping to spend many days outside playing in the sandbox.


I just hope that she learns to nap without having to sit up right away when you put her in her crib. 🙂


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