Picture Goals

I have decided that I am going to try to take more pictures of Paige and post them a little more frequently on here.  I go through little phases where I take a lot of pictures, then I take none for weeks.   I am going to try to take pictures of  everyday going forward.  Just a little goal for myself on top of everything else that is going on 🙂

This kid loves her wagon.  I mean LOVES IT !

She has taken to leaning over the side to check out her shadow when you are walking.  Thank god for seatbelts!

We have been playing in the sandbox when the weather is nice.  Of course Paige also wants to play with the cat.

*yes that is our stairs in the yard, they are doing some work around here

She thinks trying to hit the cat with her toys is playing.  I once caught her using her drumsticks to try and hit the cat.  We are working on petting the cat, nit hitting the cat.

Happy weekend


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