A Few pictures…

We have been practicing coloring around here and we made daddy a picture for Fathers Day..

Learning how to Color

Learning how to Color

Learning how to Color

Learning how to Color..dont take my picture mom!

She is geting better at it, she does not eat the crayons so much anymore lol.

We went on a picnic to the beach last week…

Hanging out with Dad at the Beach

Playing with the grass

Someone has been really trying to pet the cat lately, she is getting better at it. The cat does not mind as she keeps sitting on the mats when Paige is playing…

Playing with the Cat

Playing with the Cat

My cat

When I was feeding Paige the other day, she kept playing with the straps on the booster seat.  I kept telling her no and each time she was giving me a nasty look.  This nasty look…

Paige getting upset when I was telling her no

And the second time I told her no I got this….

and she was upset I told her no

She does not like the word no, but hey she is learning.

Happy Wednesday 🙂


3 thoughts on “A Few pictures…

    • Oh she can shake her head no like you would not believe! That is one thing that she is good at telling me! We have no issues with telling me how she feels. lol

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