A little progress

We have some progress going on over here.  Paige has finally gone the extra step and fully pulled up on pretty much everything she can grab on to.  This is great and at the same time I really have to watch where I put my coffee mug in the morning.

Someone has developed a little scoot and is moving like crazy around here.  I guess I have to finally put up the baby gate so she does not take a tumble down the stairs.  So far we have only had 2 incidents of her dumping the cats water over and I think that its time to move it.  One day I am sure to find her eating the dry cat food. 🙂

A month ago I managed to push for some extra physio somehow someway while we sit on the never ending wait-list.  We starting doing physio in the pool with the rehab assistant at the centre.  After 3 weeks of going, I totally noticed a difference with Paige.  She moves her legs more, she is bending her knees and it is helping her balance.  I just wish that the pool did not have to close 3 weeks in to it.  I wished that I pushed a few months back a bit more, we could be sitting in a different place right now.


Getting ready to go in the pool!


I have taken the approach of the learn as you go, when raising Paige.  I dont read baby books, books about Down Syndrome, google every question I have or text my mom when I dont know what to do(ok well maybe I do this one).  I do this on purpose.  I don’t really like to read books, unless i have to, and I really just want to know what is going on now, not what I am going to expect in 2 – 3 years.  I want to live in the moment and take the cues that Paige is giving me and run with it.  I want to treat her as a “normal” toddler and not how a book is telling me what I should be doing at this stage of her life.

I know that some people might not agree with that, and to each their own.  I should probably pick up that Down Syndrome book I have sitting on my fireplace and give it a once over, but sometimes I have better things to do.  Like help Paige work on her walking, playing with her, teaching her how to be a master at coloring and of course chasing the cat around the house because she loves her do much.

Oh and at the end of the day I enjoy watching this instead of reading a book before I go to bed. 🙂

Cuddling with minnie mouse


One thought on “A little progress

  1. A sleeping baby is the sweetest thing you could ever set your eyes on. Noah is now in a big boy bed. We bought a double to make it easier to settle and give him space to move. I am grateful for the space it allows me to lie beside him when he first falls asleep. Certainly a favorite moment of every day.

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