September..(better late then never)

September has been a good month for progress around here.  We had some major improvements on the self feeding front.  First Paige showed some interest in scooping her own food from the bowl and feeding it to her self.  THANK GOD!  I was so happy that she finally showed some interest in this, just one more step to being able to put her food in front of her and walk away and knowing that she can eat it all herself.

I took a little video about 3 weeks ago of her eating something, I don’t really remember what it was, but heck she was doing it her self and that was the point.

Since someone has figured out that she can scoop her food with the spoon, she needed to go further.  She is all about the picking up food with her fingers and eating it.  She HAS to pick up everything she eats now and feed it to herself.  You are no longer allowed to feed her, she does not like it and will yell at you until you let her do it, she is a big girl now after all.  I love all this new found freedom that she has discovered.  I really can not wait until what happens next in the eating department.  I just hopes that she starts to talk or sign or something instead of yelling at me when she wants more of something lol.


Ear Surgery





Paige had to have tubes in her ears almost 2 weeks ago.  I was surprised that I was not very nervous waiting for it to be over.  I think that once you go through a heart surgery, anything seems like a peace of cake compared to that.  Things went really well.  She did not have much fluid in her ears a before, so the ENT put in less invasive tubes in case of a build up over the winter months so we did not have to end back up in the hospital waiting to get them again. I am just glad that its over with and hope that they don’t fall out sooner then expected.

Someone looked a little groggy when she woke up from the local anesthetic, but she never cried like all the other kids in the surgery daycare.  She was happy and clapping and smiling at everyone that came by. 🙂  This is one tough kid.

After SurgeryOf course there is a little stair climbing video here that also happened in September and its fantastic 🙂


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