A New year, A look ahead

I know that this post is a few days overdue, but if I went into great detail on what has been going on I am sure that you would need a huge bottle of whatever you like to drink to get through the details.  With that being said….

Happy New Year!

This year I did not set any resolutions, but I thought of goals for myself and Paige.  I of course had not had the time to discuss these goals with Paige, as she has been at Grandmas house since Christmas.

Goals for myself:

Start going back to the gym again – I was going 4 times a week and then life hit with many unexpected things so I could not go as much as I wanted and needed to go.  I would like to go at least 2 or 3 times a week.

Blog more – I often lay in bed at night and think of amazing blog posts and then when I go to blog I totally forget what I thought of that night.  I now have this amazing thing called a iPad so I can  make sure that when I have these amazing ideas on what to blog about, I can at least jot down some notes.

Eat things I normally don’t want to eat – I actually started doing this today.  I do love to cook and eat a variety of yummy foods, I know that there are plenty more out there that I don’t cook or even know how to cook.  Today I found myself having a Mango and pineapple smoothie and let me tell ya, it was damn tasty.  I think that I will be having this a little more often.  I want to experience all the fresh foods of each season so I know that I am going to have to expand my taste palate.  This adventure of course will play our on my food blog here

Goals for the small fry aka, Paige

Walking – This kid is stubborn!  She can do it, she can walk with the shopping cart with no weights in it and yet she prefers to sit and scoot around.  We had a goal of her walking unassisted by Christmas but as that has passed I am setting a new one.  By March.  Things have been crazy and I am sure that I have not spent enough time with her on this and other things.

Eating with a spoon and fork without making a massive mess – Paige is a really good eater.  She has no problem feeding herself with a spoon and the last time I saw her(yes I have not seen my kid in a week although it feels like a month) she ate very nicely off a plate with her fingers.  We were doing good with the self spoon-feeding, but of course, a big life change happened and well that was put on the back burner along with other things.

These are the two things that I am going to focus on with Paige.  I am hoping in 6 months I can tell you that she has mastered both and that I will set new goals for the rest of the year.


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