New site!

I took the plunge and purchased a domain for Raising Paige.  The new site will be .  Please update your bookmarks!  I am hoping that this will inspire me to blog more!


Stay tuned and I will inform you on when the site is ready and of course, when a new blog post is up.


A New year, A look ahead

I know that this post is a few days overdue, but if I went into great detail on what has been going on I am sure that you would need a huge bottle of whatever you like to drink to get through the details.  With that being said….

Happy New Year!

This year I did not set any resolutions, but I thought of goals for myself and Paige.  I of course had not had the time to discuss these goals with Paige, as she has been at Grandmas house since Christmas.

Goals for myself:

Start going back to the gym again – I was going 4 times a week and then life hit with many unexpected things so I could not go as much as I wanted and needed to go.  I would like to go at least 2 or 3 times a week.

Blog more – I often lay in bed at night and think of amazing blog posts and then when I go to blog I totally forget what I thought of that night.  I now have this amazing thing called a iPad so I can  make sure that when I have these amazing ideas on what to blog about, I can at least jot down some notes.

Eat things I normally don’t want to eat – I actually started doing this today.  I do love to cook and eat a variety of yummy foods, I know that there are plenty more out there that I don’t cook or even know how to cook.  Today I found myself having a Mango and pineapple smoothie and let me tell ya, it was damn tasty.  I think that I will be having this a little more often.  I want to experience all the fresh foods of each season so I know that I am going to have to expand my taste palate.  This adventure of course will play our on my food blog here

Goals for the small fry aka, Paige

Walking – This kid is stubborn!  She can do it, she can walk with the shopping cart with no weights in it and yet she prefers to sit and scoot around.  We had a goal of her walking unassisted by Christmas but as that has passed I am setting a new one.  By March.  Things have been crazy and I am sure that I have not spent enough time with her on this and other things.

Eating with a spoon and fork without making a massive mess – Paige is a really good eater.  She has no problem feeding herself with a spoon and the last time I saw her(yes I have not seen my kid in a week although it feels like a month) she ate very nicely off a plate with her fingers.  We were doing good with the self spoon-feeding, but of course, a big life change happened and well that was put on the back burner along with other things.

These are the two things that I am going to focus on with Paige.  I am hoping in 6 months I can tell you that she has mastered both and that I will set new goals for the rest of the year.

September..(better late then never)

September has been a good month for progress around here.  We had some major improvements on the self feeding front.  First Paige showed some interest in scooping her own food from the bowl and feeding it to her self.  THANK GOD!  I was so happy that she finally showed some interest in this, just one more step to being able to put her food in front of her and walk away and knowing that she can eat it all herself.

I took a little video about 3 weeks ago of her eating something, I don’t really remember what it was, but heck she was doing it her self and that was the point.

Since someone has figured out that she can scoop her food with the spoon, she needed to go further.  She is all about the picking up food with her fingers and eating it.  She HAS to pick up everything she eats now and feed it to herself.  You are no longer allowed to feed her, she does not like it and will yell at you until you let her do it, she is a big girl now after all.  I love all this new found freedom that she has discovered.  I really can not wait until what happens next in the eating department.  I just hopes that she starts to talk or sign or something instead of yelling at me when she wants more of something lol.


Ear Surgery





Paige had to have tubes in her ears almost 2 weeks ago.  I was surprised that I was not very nervous waiting for it to be over.  I think that once you go through a heart surgery, anything seems like a peace of cake compared to that.  Things went really well.  She did not have much fluid in her ears a before, so the ENT put in less invasive tubes in case of a build up over the winter months so we did not have to end back up in the hospital waiting to get them again. I am just glad that its over with and hope that they don’t fall out sooner then expected.

Someone looked a little groggy when she woke up from the local anesthetic, but she never cried like all the other kids in the surgery daycare.  She was happy and clapping and smiling at everyone that came by. 🙂  This is one tough kid.

After SurgeryOf course there is a little stair climbing video here that also happened in September and its fantastic 🙂

Just a little determination

First I would like to apologize for not posting more then I should.  Things have been crazy busy and I am h oping that things are going to slow down a bit since it is nearing fall.

Paige has started to scoot around the house like a little mad women.

She is getting into everything that you could possibly think of.  It is becoming harder to entertain her as she just wants to go go go and wants someone to always pay attention to her.  I think that I had almost every measuring cup in the house on floor with her the other day.  It was a toddler tornado up in here.

With this new found freedom, Paige is feeling that she has to do everything her self.  She has to feed herself or she will bat the fork/spoon away from you like you would not believe.  She has discovered that she wants to put her own food on the spoon and put it in her mouth.  I have been letting her do it with my help, but yesterday I let her go for it and the result was pretty good.  She got spoonfuls of rice/squash and it actually made it to her mouth.  There was a bit of a rice explosion all over the booster chair and floor near the end, but all in all, it was a success.  It continues everyday as someone just had to scoop and feed herself her own cereal this morning.  Its great, I am loving the fact that this kid wants to totally feed herself.  She is picking up food more and more, and I actually gave her a snack today that I did not have to feed to her.  We have a determined little girl and some major progress happening around here.  Now if I could only get her to drink more water that would totally make my day.


I have been waiting over 3 months to for Paige to get her tubes in her ears.  I finally got a phone call last week saying that we are in for next week!  I have to admit at first I was a little scared as when I heard the word “surgery” I just went back to that place when she had heart surgery.  I do not want to emotionally go through it again.  I am glad that her ear tube surgery is a in and out in 1 day surgery.

After a week in Calgary with Grandma, we are getting back into our routine around here.  Going to appointment’s and working on achieving milestones.  I have never really set a goal time line with Paige, but I have done so this month.  My goal is for her to be walking by Christmas.  That is exactly one month before her birthday and with the encouragement of her amazing physiotherapist, we both think that it is possible.  She is cruising the furniture and is round the corners like she was born to do it.

A little progress

We have some progress going on over here.  Paige has finally gone the extra step and fully pulled up on pretty much everything she can grab on to.  This is great and at the same time I really have to watch where I put my coffee mug in the morning.

Someone has developed a little scoot and is moving like crazy around here.  I guess I have to finally put up the baby gate so she does not take a tumble down the stairs.  So far we have only had 2 incidents of her dumping the cats water over and I think that its time to move it.  One day I am sure to find her eating the dry cat food. 🙂

A month ago I managed to push for some extra physio somehow someway while we sit on the never ending wait-list.  We starting doing physio in the pool with the rehab assistant at the centre.  After 3 weeks of going, I totally noticed a difference with Paige.  She moves her legs more, she is bending her knees and it is helping her balance.  I just wish that the pool did not have to close 3 weeks in to it.  I wished that I pushed a few months back a bit more, we could be sitting in a different place right now.


Getting ready to go in the pool!


I have taken the approach of the learn as you go, when raising Paige.  I dont read baby books, books about Down Syndrome, google every question I have or text my mom when I dont know what to do(ok well maybe I do this one).  I do this on purpose.  I don’t really like to read books, unless i have to, and I really just want to know what is going on now, not what I am going to expect in 2 – 3 years.  I want to live in the moment and take the cues that Paige is giving me and run with it.  I want to treat her as a “normal” toddler and not how a book is telling me what I should be doing at this stage of her life.

I know that some people might not agree with that, and to each their own.  I should probably pick up that Down Syndrome book I have sitting on my fireplace and give it a once over, but sometimes I have better things to do.  Like help Paige work on her walking, playing with her, teaching her how to be a master at coloring and of course chasing the cat around the house because she loves her do much.

Oh and at the end of the day I enjoy watching this instead of reading a book before I go to bed. 🙂

Cuddling with minnie mouse

A Few pictures…

We have been practicing coloring around here and we made daddy a picture for Fathers Day..

Learning how to Color

Learning how to Color

Learning how to Color

Learning how to Color..dont take my picture mom!

She is geting better at it, she does not eat the crayons so much anymore lol.

We went on a picnic to the beach last week…

Hanging out with Dad at the Beach

Playing with the grass

Someone has been really trying to pet the cat lately, she is getting better at it. The cat does not mind as she keeps sitting on the mats when Paige is playing…

Playing with the Cat

Playing with the Cat

My cat

When I was feeding Paige the other day, she kept playing with the straps on the booster seat.  I kept telling her no and each time she was giving me a nasty look.  This nasty look…

Paige getting upset when I was telling her no

And the second time I told her no I got this….

and she was upset I told her no

She does not like the word no, but hey she is learning.

Happy Wednesday 🙂